California Astrology Association Scam

May 17th, 2011 by randy | Print California Astrology Association Scam

California Astrology Association Scam

Is the California Astrology Association a scam? I don’t know–the ability to cast a “Retribution Spell” has the ring of truth to it. And I once saw someone in a cartoon cast a “purge evil” spell. This guy was acting evil one moment, and the next he was like, “Oh, man. I nearly killed the world. Thanks, guys.”

So yeah, Calastrology sounds perfectly reasonable to me. I’m thinking of buying the “Bingo-Sweeps Lottery Spell” for my nephew on his 18th birthday. What better way to start him out on life than to help him win the lottery…and a big bingo jackpot? That’s like two gifts in one.

The one mystical working I would suggest you avoid is the “Terminator” spell, though. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to cast death spells on your enemies in most U.S. states. Yeah, I just checked and it’s illegal to channel magick which terminates another person in 36 of the 50 United States. Don’t buy that spell, because you could be an accessory to pretend murder.

Which brings to mind a question: why haven’t the police connected all these dead people to the CAA? Does that mean they cast a spell on law enforcement, so nobody notices? Either that, or the California Astrology Association is a bunch of scammers and nobody takes their con game seriously.

Or maybe no one wants to risk the “Whammy! Spell” ($29).

You can read more about the California Astrology Association scam here.